The Same Job, In Detroit, For 20 Years Running. Or Make That, Kicking.

Jason Hanson is like a lot of Detroiters. He’s worked the same job for 20 years. Of course, his job is just a little different than other peoples’ daily grind. 

Hanson is the place kicker for the Detroit Lions, for whom he’s played 20 seasons. He recently set a record in the NFL for the most games with a single franchise — 305, and counting. He’s a key reason behind the comeback by the Lions, which have drawn sold-out crowds and been a bright spot in Detroit’s bleak economy.

Our Web editor Pete Bigelow profiles Hanson in today’s New York Times.

As Pete writes,

“During his tenure, Hanson has witnessed some of the most dreadful football in N.F.L. history, including a winless season in 2008. But he is quick to say that he is so old, he can remember when the Lions were good. Before Detroit compiled a 33-101 record between 2001 and 2009 — the league’s worst mark in that stretch — it reached the playoffs in five of the previous seven seasons.”

Pete goes on, “Hanson has been around long enough to play for a contender again. The Lions (7-3) are one of the N.F.L.’s success stories, thanks to an offense averaging 30.1 points a game, third best in the league, and a revamped front seven on defense.”

You can watch Hanson and the Lions against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day. As you might know, the Packers are holding a stock sale at the end of the season. Here’s what Pete wrote for us earlier this fall about the Packers.
















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