Gov. Rick Snyder Urges Michigan Residents To Be More Than ‘Another Yuppie In Chicago’

Michigan residents have long lamented the “brain drain” that takes place when students educated inside the state leave for opportunities elsewhere.

On Wednesday, Gov. Rick Snyder fought back.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Chicago has been a popular landing site for those fleeing Michigan, and Snyder challenged those residents to stay put. “Do you want to be another yuppie in Chicago, or do you want to make a difference in Detroit?” he told the Detroit Free Press.

Snyder urged Michiganders to stay and help revitalize the city.

“No disrespect to Chicago, but they’ve got lots of young people, and you’re just going to blend in and be another person there,” he told the newspaper.

How could Snyder be so certain? He graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1982. He worked in Detroit for seven years before accepting a job with Coopers & Lybrand out of state. Guess where? Chicago.

2 Replies to “Gov. Rick Snyder Urges Michigan Residents To Be More Than ‘Another Yuppie In Chicago’”

  1. I am a 2010 graduate of Michigan State University and grew up in Metro-Detroit. I looked for jobs in many Midwest states including Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota. I came away with offers from companies in both Michigan and Illinois. What attracted me to accept a position in Chicago was their mass-transit system, two accessible airports, lots of growth opportunities in my industry and it was still a Midwest city.

    Governor Snyder should be angry at students who leave the region and go to the east or west coast for jobs in NYC, L.A., etc. His out-of-line comments hit home for me and while I’m not living in Michigan right now, I do intend to move back eventually because it is a great state to live in. I’m glad the author of this piece mentioned that Snyder has worked in Chicago.

  2. I also grew up in the Detroit area and now live in Chicago.   Like many MI residents, I came to Chicago for the diverse urban environment that many young college grads look for.  I have stayed due to jobs, the affordability of the real estate and high quality of life (strong public transportation, numerous parks, cultural events).  
    Gov. Snyder apparently doesn’t realize those Chicago “yuppies” were raised in MI but left the state for better opportunities.   

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