Is Manufacturing The Secret to Saving America?

Manufacturing’s comeback is spurring talk that it could be the secret to saving the American economy. The Changing Gears team has spent plenty of time looking at manufacturing, including Niala Boodhoo’s story this week on the need for skilled workers.

American Landscape, by Sheeler

Now others are taking a close look, too,

  • Adam Davidson of NPR’s Planet Money explores the new reality of manufacturing in this story for The Atlantic Monthly. Davidson explains that while manufacturing output is up by a third, manufacturing employment is down by about as much. He’s also been looking at the topic on Morning Edition this week.
  • Warren Olney, the host of To The Point on KCRW in Los Angeles, took a look this week at whether factory jobs can save the middle class. His guests included Changing Gears Senior Editor Micki Maynard.

You can hear all of Changing Gears’ reports on manufacturing and see our other coverage here.

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