Despite Recall Threat, Walker’s Approval Rating Rises in Wisconsin

Although he faces a much-publicised recall effort, Wisconsin voters aren’t negative on Gov. Scott Walker,

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a new survey shows.

A poll by Marquette University shows that Walker’s approval rating is above his disapproval rating for the first time since he took office, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Voters approve of Walker’s performance 51 percent to 46 percent disapproval. Fifty percent believe the state is headed in the right direction, versus 46 percent who do not.

Walker also has single-digit leads over Democrats who might face him in a recall election.

The governor’s performance ratings bounce around a bit, depend on which organization is conducting the poll, the Journal-Sentinel says.

The most recent nonpartisan public polls on Walker were done last fall. Walker’s approval rating was 38% in a November survey by Wisconsin Public Radio/St. Norbert College; it was 47% in an October survey by Public Policy Polling; 49% in an October survey by Rasmussen; and 42% in an October survey by Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. These polls all have different methodologies, so some variation is normal.

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  1. They asked a grand total of 701 people what they though about Scott Walker.  701 registered voters.  701 people with land lines.  701 people who do not automatically hang up on surveyors.  701 people who have time to sit around during the day and answer their land lines and answer a long draw out poll.  Probably a bunch of old retired and/or unemployed people.  Sounds conclusive to me. Why even have elections? Let’s just break out the phone book and do polls among a tiny group among the tiny fraction of of people who still have landlines and have time to sit around their house responding to telephone polls.

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