To Our Friends Who Left The Midwest: Don’t Forget To Call Us!

Everybody who lives in the Midwest knows somebody who moved away — and maybe you’re one of those folks. All this month, Changing Gears has been bringing you the personal stories of that Midwest Migration, here and on our dedicated page.

Now, we want to hear what people who left have to say to the folks back home. That’s the reason for Don’t Forget To Call Us.

All this week, dial in with messages for your family, your friends, your hometown, your school, your buddies at work — anything you feel like sharing. We’ll post your voices here on, and we also may put your greeting on the air.

Now through Friday, call (888) YOUR-NPR OR (888) 968-7677. Don’t forget to call us!

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  1. I am a High School Mathematics teacher of 15 years with a spouse who worked to prevent domestic violence and directed the Alcohol and Other Drug abuse coalition in Wisconsin.  I can boast an 80% pass rate of students on the AP Calculus exam over my tenure and numerouse athletic awards and accolades from my student athletes.  I was also the head coach of two sports.  When we first heard about the Walker budget, my wife and I did the math and werre looking at a combined salary decrease of about $18000, It is important to note that additional education cuts were made in year two, it is not all about unions and bargaining.  The funding for my wife’s positions was being cut so dramatically that she would most likely lose one of her two jobs and as a teacher, I would lose significant salary.  Without collective bargaining in place, school boards and superintendents everywhere were adding days to contracts without pay so the actual salary decrease is greater than reported.  For my district, it was twenty extra days that I couldn’t work at my summer job to try to pay my mortgage.

    Our decision to leave Wisconsin was finalized by poll numbers and the outcome of the Prosser election.  How could half the state think teachers were evil, lazy, thugs?  I am still disgusted by the jealousy and greed of the Republican party and their followers who have yet to participate in any original thought. 

    We are now happily relocated in Vermont, where ordinary people matter to their government leaders, where the largest of corporations feel a duty to make the world a better place.  Ben and Jerry’s and Green Mountain Coffee might be very profitable, but they take care of their workers and the environment in the mean time.  Vermont manages to balance it’s budget without dividing the state into fits of anger over extreme politics.

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