The Midwest and Manufacturing, From Changing Gears


The rebound in manufacturing is making news all over the country, especially here in the Midwest.

Last fall, in one of our best-received series, Changing Gears devoted a month of reports to exploring how manufacturing has changed. The plants of today are not your father’s factories, and the workers they are employing are not the same people who worked in plants a generation ago.

Ford's Rouge plant, by Charles Sheeler

Here, to refresh your memory, is our series on Midwest Manufacturing.

TEMPS: Think there are no jobs in manufacturing? Kate Davidson found there are plenty — for temporary workers. Staffing agencies that provide workers to manufacturing plants are finding that they can’t keep up with the demand.

ADVANCED MANUFACTURING: Here in the Midwest, you often hear the term “advanced manufacturing. But what it is? And why do we need to remain leaders in this field? Dan Bobkoff explained in this story.

RON BLOOM: One of the most controversial men in manufacturing during the past few years was Ron Bloom, the Obama administration official who helped oversee the $82 billion bailout to Detroit’s automakers. Bloom recently moved back to Pittsburgh, and he has plenty to say about the role of manufacturing in our national economy. Bobkoff talked to him for Changing Gears.

BATTELLE: Steve Jobs’ death last fall reminded us that everyone has ideas, and very few become actual products. That’s because ideas need a push – and in some cases, a big one, from from science, to become reality. That’s especially true for manufacturers. Niala Boodhoo told the little-known story of Ohio’s Battelle Memorial Institute.

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  1. Sorry to harp on such a minor point, but could you start using other photographer’s artwork to represent manufacturing and not just Charles Sheeler. There are plenty of living artists in the Midwest that could use the couple bucks. You could start with Michelle Andonian.

    Great reporting, and I enjoy the news otherwise.

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