Right to Work May Be Law Tomorrow in Indiana

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is on the verge of achieving the top item on his agenda. Indiana’s Senate is expected to cast a final vote tomorrow on Right to Work legislation, and Daniels most likely will sign it soon after

Right to Work States/Source: Drscoundels.com.

Right to Work laws prohibit a union from collecting mandatory dues at a workplace, even if they are representing the employees. Both houses in Indiana have already approved a Right to Work measure, but one house is required to agree on the other’s bill.

This morning, there were protestors at the Indiana State Capitol, singing “Solidarity Forever” as Democratic lawmakers prepared last-minute amendments to the bill, said the Indianapolis Star.

One would seek a statewide referendum on the issue. The other would let companies choose whether to continue mandatory dues.

Neither proposal is expected to be successful, because Republicans have a strong grip on the Indiana Senate.

Indiana is set to become the 23rd state to adopt Right to Work legislation, and the first since Oklahoma in 2001.

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