Can This TV Show Make Manufacturing Cool?

If you’ve never heard of The Edge Factor, it’s probably because the TV show isn’t actually on the air – yet.

But the show has been going strong online for over a year now. Jeremy Bout is the executive producer, writer and host. Bout says he got the idea for the show after working as a programmer at a manufacturing plant.

In the pilot episode for The Edge Factor, Bout explains

What I find incredible is that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy. And I don’t think anybody really understands what that means. I think it’s time we changed that.

The Edge Factor is full of dramatic shots, cool graphics and fast music. But can a TV show make manufacturing cool?

Bout seems willing to try. So far, The Edge Factor has a couple episodes online.

A view inside a CNC machine, from The Edge Factor.

And there’s already a side project, called Reality Redesigned. It’s a competition where students can enter their designs to build a new kind of mountain bike. The competition has up to $40,000 in prize money, and eight online episodes hosted by Bout.

We’ve reached out to Bout to ask about the show, and what he hopes to accomplish. Right now, he and the production crew are in Whistler, British Columbia shooting a teaser for their next production.

While we wait to hear back, we want to know what you think of the show. Could a TV show change your perception of manufacturing? What are your ideas for future episodes?

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3 Replies to “Can This TV Show Make Manufacturing Cool?”

  1. This show can make a difference, if the industry it’s intended to help answers the call to action??? This is a completely new way of speaking to an audiance that is not the choir. The story of our industry and how cool it can be is exactly what this show is demonstrating. Manufacturing is not a pawn in a political chess match, it’s is the single most important factor in wealth creation and national security. It will be the industry that makes the difference in the shows success and inevitably its own….

  2. It would make a difference. I’m studying Industrial Technology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and my minor is in Manufacturing. Seeing manufacturing in action is amazing, especially if you are a girl. More females should be in this field but they have no clue what its about.

  3. I am an Industrial Designer and manufacturing materials and processes are high interest to me. Our younger replacements can help this country become a leader but they have to be shown how they fit into a future they know nothing about….until they see this show!

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