Small Churches: Detroit’s Got ‘Em, Now Tell Us Where They Are

If you live in Michigan, you might be mulling over the big economic news from Detroit. Namely that not-yet-consensual consent agreement that could alter city governance for years to come.

Kindof a big deal. But economic stories come in small packages too. Like this:

In Good Faith Missionary Baptist Church
In Good Faith Missionary Baptist Church -- photo by Kevin Bauman

Kevin Bauman is the photographer behind this picture project on Detroit’s small churches. We’ve been curious about small churches here at Changing Gears, and what happens to their buildings when services stop.

(No offense to the big guys; you deserve your own story, Archdiocese of Detroit.)

But right now we want to learn about the little pop-up and store front churches in your neighborhoods. Are they still active? Or have they fallen into disrepair … and off the tax rolls? What’s the story behind the church on your block?


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