How We Think About Public Transportation Is Changing

Chicago is experiencing record ridership of the CTA, and it’s on a drive to spruce up 100 stations. Cleveland has high speed buses from downtown to the Medical Center. In Canada, Toronto has streetcars and every kind of transit you can imagine, including rental bikes.

Toronto rental bikes/photo by Micki Maynard

But Detroit? Well, besides the People Mover, public transportation has never been a big priority. However, mindsets may be changing, according to veteran journalist Rick Haglund.

In a column this weekend, Haglund says the environment for public transportation seems to be changing in Michigan. He cites two reasons: younger people aren’t as interested in driving or owning cars as they once were, and governments and business leaders are lending their support.

We know you’re intrigued about public transportation in Detroit, judging the response to the map we showed you with the Chicago “L” laid over the Motor City.

And, in Grand Rapids, voters recently approved a millage that will pay for upgrading the transit system.

But, would you be interested in riding a bus rapid transit system, a subway or even a streetcar if one was available? Or, is Michigan simply too wedded to cars? Let us know.

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