Join Us TODAY 3 PM ET/2 PM CT For “Hidden Assets,” A Call-In Show And Live Chat On Immigration

Throughout the past two years, Changing Gears has looked at the role that newcomers play in the Midwest. This afternoon, we’ll be talking about them — and talking with you. 

Join us at 3 pm ET/2 pm CT for “Hidden Assets,” a call-in show airing on WBEZ Chicago, Michigan Radio and ideastream Cleveland. We’ll also be holding a live chat here at

WBEZ’s Steve Edwards will host with a variety of scheduled guests, including Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, and Changing Gears reporter Niala Boodhoo. The Changing Gears team will chat with you here during the show.

7 Replies to “Join Us TODAY 3 PM ET/2 PM CT For “Hidden Assets,” A Call-In Show And Live Chat On Immigration”

  1. This will drive wages down simply because there will be more workers than jobs so i dont understand how attracting more workers will benefit those communities

  2. I listened to the live chat and felt that it was lacking the point of view of recent graduates and or young people. In my opinion, finding a job as a university graduate IS difficult, but for a university graduate that is also illegal it is most definitely harder. They simply can’t compete. The recent article in Esquire magazine  “The War Against Youth” ( highlights the fact that young america have significantly different values and challenges than older generations. The immigration debate in America, like many other debates, lacks our point of view. It would be great to have heard from some young americans. An article in the NY times two days ago “The Creative Monopoly” should be an inspiration for Americans young and old on finding ways to circumvent the challenges of job competition. If immigrants illegal or not are taking our jobs than maybe we need to accept this as a challenge to be more creative and more innovative!

  3. Great show today!  As pointed out today, more and more cities are looking to immigrants as a way to inject more entrepreneurialism in a slow-growing economy.  Instead of all the anger and hostility, perhaps America needs a NEW conversation about immigrants and immigration?  Can immigrants help grow the economy and CREATE American jobs?  I am interested to hear of any reaction to my new article, “Immigrants Are the Solution, Not the Problem.”

  4. Our show and the chat were focusing primarily on LEGAL immigrants. The topic of illegal immigration is separate, and one that deserves attention. But, the states and cities in the Great Lakes are focusing on immigrants who are coming to the United States legally, and are able to choose where they live.

  5. Michigan alone has 80,000 positions that employers can’t fill, because they can’t find applicants with the skills they require. Perhaps someone born elsewhere has those skills, but doesn’t know about those jobs.

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