Reinventing Pittsburgh: Coming Next Week

Next week, Changing Gears kicks off its first week-long series with a look at Reinventing Pittsburgh.

All across the Great Lakes, cities are searching for ways to reinvent themselves. But how can they shift from a dependence on industry to the new economy? What’s the best path for Detroit and Gary, Indiana to take? The answer may lay just to the east in Pittsburgh. EGatz_F10_0032

Once it was the city of steel; now no one industry dominates. Pittsburgh’s economy is a mix of a reliance on education, medicine, technology and a smidgen of steel.

But that rejuvenation has been decades in the making, and actually has its roots in steps taken just after World War II.

Changing Gears Reporter Dan Bobkoff reports Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Pittsburgh, looking at the collapse of steel, the dismal environment, and the coalition of community leaders that help put the city back on its feet.

On Thursday, Sarah Hulett of Changing Gears partner station Michigan Radio reports on ideas from Pittsburgh that are helping transform Detroit. And on Friday, Michael Puente of WBEZ, another Changing Gears partner, will explore how Gary can shift from being a steel city to something else.

Listen to Changing Gears reports on Michigan Radio, WBEZ and ideastream in Cleveland, and we’ll be posting them here as well. Meanwhile, here’s Dan Bobkoff’s promo for the series.


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