Not just Asian Carp..

One of the predators, also from Asia, that threaten Michigan's $7 billion fishing industry. (Associated Press)

A Grand Rapids Press story today goes into the 75 or so other invasive species that could be making their way into the Great Lakes, calling them “bad actors” like this baby, which reminds me of when I was a kid, and my uncle made me watch the movie Piranha. Just before we went to the beach.

According to the story,

The scientists’ current hit list of several high-priority, if low-profile, rogue species, includes the northern snakehead, monkey goby, New Zealand mudsnail, killer shrimp, golden mussel and hydrilla.

The snakehead has gained particular attention from the scientists. Rutherford said it is a voracious predator from Asia that can grow to 33 inches in length, survive out of water, move on land and breathe air.

It estimates Michigan’s fishing industry at $7 billion.

On Friday, our friends at WBEZ’s 848 aired a piece about Asian carp and a new approach some Illinois residents are taking to the problem – sport fishing. You can listen to it here.

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