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What the west side of Cleveland will look like once the highway is removed.

Welcome to the new and improved Changing Gears podcast. Each week, we’ll be offering you headlines from around the region, a story of the week, an essay on ways to improve our region, and some information about events going on in our states.

Up this week: Dan Bobkoff takes a look at the notion of highways. Do they no longer represent the idea of progress?  And Grand Rapids entrepreneur Rick DeVos shares his thoughts on what the Midwest needs most.

In this week’s headlines: American Airlines teams up with United to sue Chicago over the proposed O’Hare airport expansion, we take a look at the newly elected Republican governors of Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan, and a preview of  some of our Changing Gears events.



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One of our headlines focused on the newly elected Midwestern governors. Colleagues in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan pitched in to provide Changing Gears with a story about them. You can hear the full story here.

Rick DeVos


We mentioned in Dan’s piece that you could visit us here for more information on his removing highways story. If you’re interested in his list of cities across the world that are removing highways, you can find that here.


This week’s Not Dead Yet featured ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos. We’ve done a few stories about ArtPrize, if you’re interested.


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