Join Us in Ann Arbor on Feb. 16 for “Don’t Go!”

Changing Gears joins forces on Feb. 16 with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan to present, “Don’t Go! What Will Keep You Here?” It’s a 90-minute panel discussion and conversation aimed at college students, who come to our region’s universities by the thousands each year. But many of them leave after graduation to find their fortunes elsewhere.

The program will feature speakers Mike Miller of Google Ann Arbor, Luke Song of Mr. Song Millinery, a Michigan native who came home to design world-famous hats,  and Sara Jones, a 2010 Ross MBA who founded Heart Graffiti, which is taking a unique twist on graduation jewelry. We’ll also hear from Donald Grimes, a University of Michigan economist, who’ll have numbers tracking  the student exodus. I’ll be moderating.

The public is welcome to participate in the event, which will be held at 5 p.m. at the Blau Auditorium at the Business School (701 Tappan Street, between Hill and S. University).

2 Replies to “Join Us in Ann Arbor on Feb. 16 for “Don’t Go!””

  1. “How Can We Get You To Stay?” Ugh! If I were a college student, I think I’d find a less pathetic way to spend 90 minutes! (unless there were free pizza and massages 😉

    Pretty much guarantee this won’t pack the 500+ seat Blau auditorium as did last night…

    How to keep young people here? Support what’s awesome, and stop trying to encase Ann Arbor in amber! mark’scarts punkweek

    Less talk, more monkey.

  2. God bless you. Michigan needs all the help it can get. We left in ’69 and it was a good move even then to leave. I hope they make it a right to work state. It was crazy back in ’69 even that 4 years on the union assembly line would get you more $$ than a spending 4 years to get a college degree.

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