NEW Poll: Is It Time For Right to Work Laws?

The Great Lakes have always been a union strong hold. But as Southern states have attracted investments, and labor union membership has dwindled, a question is being asked across our region: should we consider Right to Work laws as a tool in our reinvention?

Take our poll. We’ll give you the results on Tuesday during Hard Labor, our Changing Gears live call-in special.

10 Replies to “NEW Poll: Is It Time For Right to Work Laws?”

  1. Haven’t you already decided when you use right-wing phrases like “right-to-work.”

    Who could be against the idea of “right to work?”

    Americans are being sold down the river, and the lazy media is only hastening the trip by accepting the Mackinac Center or Cato Institute’s polispeak for everything.

    It’s a race to the bottom for the American worker. And NPR and Michigan Radio are at the finish line, cheering us on!

  2. Unfortunately ‘Right to Work’ should be “de-Frank Luntz’ed” to ‘Right to Lower Pay and Less Workers Rights”!!
    The truth is that these Southern states have lower standards of living for the working class folks that make small businesses work. A prime example is Saturn Motors. This was the quintessential “right to work” experiment, the results? Dismal failure on all counts!

  3. Transmission,
    Buck up there my friend! There are intelligent people that share a vision of a better day tomorrow and strongly support the middle-class, they are your neighbors and friends, not everyone is lazy, look at you listening to Public Radio and voicing your opinion on this site! Bravo Sir!.

    While the phrasing “Yes, the Great Lakes region needs to become more competitive with Southern states.” is like asking – “Yes, the New York Yankees should be more competitive with the Flint elementary schools Little League Team!” The comparison is not equal on economic, demographic, or any other standard and could have been stated a little better.

    But it is a start to wake up some of the “lazy people” – maybe they will turn off American Idol when their jobs are in jeopardy, I am hearing a lot more noise on the street, and some folks are even switching from drinking ‘the tea’ to drinking coffee!

  4. Come on, our competition isn’t southern, ‘right-to-work’ (sic) states, it’s low cost foreign producers whose health care is covered by a national system. This bill won’t create jobs any more that taxing the richest 2% will cost us jobs. Give us single payer health care and we’ll compete with the world.

  5. by definition, in my opinion, means right to work ” for less”.
    8 hour work day, pure food and drug laws, weekends, safety in the work place etc, was brought to us by folks, back in the day that worked for, fought for and died for unions. oh yes and they paid union dues also.

  6. Synder cares nothing about the working class. He is a 100% business person. All he cares about is how businesses would make more money. But he does not understand, if the middle class is not making money then all of these businesses are going to fail. His mentality is the rich get richer and the hell with the middle class. He will never make another term.

  7. without the right to work ALL wages and benefits go down. safety and health in the workplace are gone. the worker no longer has a voice. the reason the non-union workplaces make the wages they make are to keep the unions out.

  8. The right to work states have the same issues that non do. So why all of a suuden the rush to make all right to work states? POLITICS! Nothing to do with anything else. GOD bless

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