Zombies Protest Union Bill In Wisconsin

Zombies take to the streets of Madison, WI. Photo by OnTask via Flickr.

When it  comes to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s proposed law to limit public unions’ collective bargaining rights, the opinions of union members and state legislators have been covered pretty thoroughly. But how does Wisconsin’s zombie contingent feel about all this? Well, this past weekend dozens of people dressed like zombies marched in Madison, WI chanting. “What do we want? Brains! When do we want them? Brains!”

Apparently,these zombies are neither fond of the proposed law, nor are they on a diet. But they have their own Facebook page and call themselves a “political organization.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich recently signed Senate Bill 5, that has similar effects on Ohio’s public employee unions. Michigan also recently passed legislation that would give emergency managers in the most troubled communities the power to override union contracts. Perhaps the pro-union zombie support will spread? Until then, you can watch a video of the Wisconsin zombies below.


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