Protests Continue Across The Midwest

Photo courtesy of Sarah Cwiek / Michigan Radio


Dozens of protests have swept across the Changing Gears states in the past few months. Some people are demonstrating to show how much they disapprove to changes being made to unions’ collective bargaining rights, while others are upset about the way their states propose to eliminate budget shortfalls.

We already told you about the zombies who took to the streets of Wisconsin to support unions this past weekend. On Monday, groups in Michigan and Ohio linked their disapproval of recent laws limiting collective bargaining rights to the 43rd anniversary of the death of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The civil rights activist, protesters argued, would have been on their side supporting the rights of union members.

On Tuesday, protesters in Michigan picked up their signs and prepared their chants to show how their disappointment to the budget cuts for education proposed by Governor Rick Snyder. His spending plan would trim 4 percent from state support for Michigan’s schools. Though the subject of the protests there is the state budget, the situation is similar to the protests around the Midwest about collective bargaining rights: unions on one side, and the Republican governor on the other.

On Tuesday night, Columbus played host to more protesters who oppose Governor John Kasich’s policies. They’re against a recently signed law that limits the collective bargaining rights of public sector employees as well as cuts included in the proposed state budget. You can listen to Ohio Public Radio’s coverage of the event here.

And on Wednesday morning, an e-mail went out to Michigan union members asking them to sign up for busses headed for a rally in Lansing on April 13 (next Wednesday). The protest there will focus on Snyder’s proposed budget, which includes cuts to – among other things – higher education.

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