What is Changing Gears All About?

You’ve heard Changing Gears reports on the air, and found us on the Web. Maybe you’ve seen us on Twitter or Facebook. But what is the mission behind Changing Gears — and what’s in the works? We thought we’d devote this week’s podcast to helping you understand our goals.


The Changing Gears region covers a lot of ground, from Wisconsin to Ohio. And our reporters have covered a lot of ground, from movies filming in the Midwest to the future of our cities and budget battles in our states to a backlog at the tax tribunal.

“We hope that by listening to Changing Gears reports people will see solutions to what is facing the region,” said senior editor Micki Maynard. “They’ll see in other people their own experiences and that they might bring something to the table.”

In the weeks ahead, the Changing Gears team will be digging into the latest Census 2010 numbers to give our listeners a better idea of what the Midwest looks like today. But we’re always interested in what you have to say — and what you’d like to hear from us.

Ideas? Send them to changinggears (at) umich.edu.

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