Wisconsin Union Law Struck Down

The law that caused thousands of protestors to descend on Madison, WI, has been shot down. But the legal battle won’t end.

Associated Press photo

Dane County circuit court Judge Maryann Sumi said today she is freezing the law, called Act 10, because Republicans legislators on a committee did not follow the state’s open meetings law.

The law, championed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, significantly limits collective bargaining rights for state employees, except for police and firefighters.

There was no court hearing before Judge Sumi issued her 33-page opinion. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sumi wrote, “The Legislature and its committees are bound to comply with the open meetings law by their own choice. Having made that choice, they cannot now shield themselves from the provisions that give the law force and effect.” She was appointed to the bench by former Gov. Tommy Thompson.

Scott Walker recall table, Madison Farmer's Market

There are several options still open to supporters of the law. They can appeal to the state Supreme Court. And they also can take the issue back to the legislature, which can reconsider the measure. But given the uproar over the measure that rattled Madison during the winter, the next steps are bound to get plenty of attention.


Union supporters, what’s your next step? And people who support the bill, tell us what you’d like to see happen now.

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