Podcast: Oprah’s Impact and Food Trucks

Welcome to our podcast that recaps our Changing Gears coverage from the past few days.

This was Oprah Winfrey’s last week hosting her top-rated television show following a 25-year run. Her “Favorite Things” list catapulted small businesses throughout the Midwest into the spotlight – for better or worse. Changing Gears reporter Niala Boodhoo joined us in the studio to discuss that impact and share what comes next for “Favorite Things.”

In her farewell segment for Changing Gears, reporter Ida Lieszkovzsky checks out the arrival of food trucks throughout the Midwest. The trucks, popular on the east and west coasts, have had trouble gaining traction in the region because of restrictive local laws. Local governments are now reexamining how to accommodate food trucks with new legislation.


We send best wishes to Ida as she begins a new chapter, and hope you all enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for listening to this week’s podcast.

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