Detroit: How you see the Motor City changing by the year 2020

As part of our ongoing coverage of Detroit’s efforts to transform its image, we have heard from scores of people about city’s problems and about what makes them hopeful for the future. We asked people inside and outside the city to tell us what they see in Detroit’s future. Here is how our readers described the Detroit of 2020:

Photo submitted by Nathan Barnes

“If guided by a clear, consistent, mindful vision between now and then, nine years from now Detroit will be thoughtfully developing¬† but not necessarily growing to improve the lives of current and future residents through transportation options.” – Elizabeth Luther, Detroit.

“I couldn’t possibly imagine anything changing for the better.” – Marcus Moore, Jacksonville, Fla.

“More hipsters.” – Molly McMahon, Detroit.

“An imperfect but creative city of energy and momentum.” – Garlin Gilchrist II, Washington, D.C.

“Detroit will always be the city that lives on the edge of extinction.” – Dan Olson, Royal Oak, Mich.

“With 60 percent of their long-standing issues resolved, Detroit is energized, revitalized, ready and willing to fix what’s left.” – David Foley, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

“A city that leading the nation in technology and manufacturing.” – Cydni Thebert, Silver Spring, Md.

“The Detroit of 2020 will be more defined by a brain-based economy, and it will be more built up with less abandoned building, but there will still be a lot of work to do before Detroit returns to the great city it once was.” – Jamie Cotrone, Ann Arbor, Mich.


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