A Report Card from the Clinton Global Initiative America

As former President Bill Clinton brought his two-day CGI America conference to a close on Thursday in Chicago, he announced an impressive sounding list of pledges by those who took part.

The conference secured 51 commitments from its participants to implement ideas that could affect 2.7 million people, Clinton said.

Clinton checked out the Chevrolet Volt

When fully funded, these commitments would create or fill more than 124,000 jobs, provide more than 364,000 people with access to job training, and provide entrepreneurs with $265 million in investments or loans, the former president said. “I hope that their efforts will inspire others to take action to revitalize their own communities.”

The commitments will have an impact across the region, from micro funding for small businesses in Detroit, to an emphasis on teacher training programs in Chicago. Read the full list here.

But Clinton said more would need to be done. In particular, he told an audience in Chicago, he was concerned about help for Americans in the middle of the economic spectrum, and pledged to take a deeper look over the next year.

And Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told the former president that the mortgage situation, which has hurt so many people in our region, still needed to be resolved. Said Geithner: “Most of what feels so hard and bad are the unavoidable aftershocks of that financial calamity.”

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