How The Film Factory Looks From Outside The Theater


It costs a lot to go to the movies these days, and to bring them to your state.

Many are questioning whether the Midwest is right to pursue film production, arguing that California still has the bulk of the $57 billion industry. It’s hard to replicate the infrastructure, from technical personnel to the labs needed for processing.

However, California’s grip may be loosening.

In July, a report by The Milkin Institute urged California to step up its game. “Make no mistake: motion picture production in California remains strong,” the report says. “But California’s mantle is slipping…today, production is highly mobile.”

As we heard in The Film Factory, some of that production has gone to Michigan, much to the delight of home owners, onlookers and towns that can now be seen on the big screen.

But the state Senate Fiscal Agency said last week that the cost has been high. In a new study, the agency taps the cost per job at nearly $200,000, and says the state is recouping just a fraction of the money it is shelling out.

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