Midwest Memo: Clean Energy Could Bring Midwest Economic Boost, Study Says

Three stories making news across the Midwest today:

1. Tenure changes near for Michigan teachers. Gov. Rick Snyder will likely sign legislation that alters Michigan’s tenure system for teachers. Supporters say the law will make it easier to fire bad teachers; opponents decry it as a “legislative attack” on teachers and union rights, according to our partner station Michigan Radio. Further legislation could require teachers to play a larger share of their health insurance premiums.

2. Borders: Too big, too fast. When Borders Group announced Monday that it would seek liquidation, it was natural to assume the bookseller went bankrupt because of a shift in readers’ preferences online. In an opinion piece on AnnArbor.com, Nathan Bomey argues the retailer’s rapid expansion shares in the blame. The Boston Herald reports that DJM Realty will oversee the sale of Borders Group real estate and bidding for 259 leases.

3. Study: Clean energy would boost Midwest. A study released today reports Midwest states could reduce electricity use, create jobs and boost the economy  if they strengthened clean energy standards. The Union of Concerned Scientists said that clean-energy investment could drive businesses and create “thousands of jobs” in the report, “A Bright Future for the Heartland.”

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