What’s More Important — Big Cities or Smaller Places?

Can Michigan prosper without a healthy Detroit? Or should places like Traverse City, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo become the new goal?

Chicago might seem like nirvana, but do its needs outrank those of Peoria? How about the counties surrounding Cleveland — can they be successful if Cleveland is not?

Changing Gears wants to know what you think. This Friday, Chicago Public Radio, Michigan Radio and ideastream in Cleveland will simulcast a live, listener call-in program, hosted by broadcaster Katherine Lanpher and me. We’ll talk to experts, and we want to talk to you, too.

Mark your calendars for Friday at 3 pm ET/2 pm CT. Listen on the radio, live stream or visit us for a live chat.

We may not find the answers in an hour of radio, but we can get the conversation started.

3 Replies to “What’s More Important — Big Cities or Smaller Places?”

  1. Richard Florida writes about Detroit extensively in his new book The Great Reset. He suggests some great possibilities on how to revive Detroit and how it's not like the reset witnessed in Pittsburgh over the past number of years. He'd be fantastic to have on the show if he's not already slotted in.

  2. Grand Rapids seems to be doing fairly well in this recession and they continue to diversify their economic base. Not only that but with the addition of art price they are also attracting creative people to the city.

  3. Why sink a ton of money and resources into saving Detroit. Better to invest in successful cities like Kalamazoo, GR, & Travers City.

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