Midwest Memo: SB 5 Heading Towards Defeat, Chicago and Detroit Gain Economic Ground

New poll points towards repeal of SB 5. The Ohio law to restrict collective bargaining is losing support, says a poll, by Quinnipiac University. The repeal effort has a 24 point margin over the effort to keep the law. Ohio voters will decide on “Issue 2” as the repeal effort is called,on November 8. Cleveland.com reports SB 5 is not polling well among Democratic or Independent voters. Republicans involved in the poll said they continue to support the measure. Read more of our SB5 coverage here.

Real estate market recovering in Chicago, Detroit. Home prices in Chicago and Detroit went up in August for the fourth straight month, signaling growing strength in those cities’ economies. The Chicago Tribune, reporting on the numbers from the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index, points out that good news is relative, and housing prices in those markets are still at 2002 levels. Still, the rate of growth in the Midwest as a region is exceeding many areas in the country.

Chrysler and UAW deal to be announced soon. UAW members continue to vote on a proposed contract with Chrysler. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that a Toledo, Ohio assembly plant has approved the contract, making it more likely that the deal will be ratified on a national level. Pete Bigalow will have more on the contract vote later today.


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