Christmas sales strong for Michigan retailers

From our CG Partners Michigan Radio:

Tom Scott is with the Michigan Retailers Association. He says just released sales numbers from the beginning of the holiday shopping season are better than expected.

“Seeing these really good numbers in November gives us hope that they’re going to stand up in December too”

“Seeing these really good numbers in November gives us hope that they’re going to stand up in December too, and we’re going to end up with a really good season,” says Scott.

via Christmas sales strong for Michigan retailers.

How is your business faring this holiday season?

More on Pittsburgh’s Econ Dev strategy

“Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has formed a task force to nurture high-tech businesses, an initiative that grew out of his recent Asia trip and a decision to more forcefully inject himself into a critical economic sector. Mr. Ravenstahl hopes that bringing representatives of education, business and the nonprofit community together will yield a more unified approach to attracting and growing high-tech ventures…”

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Reinventing Pittsburgh Part 5: Answers for Gary?

Pittsburgh and steel began a courtship in the late 1800s. That courtship would eventually produce a lovechild: Gary, Indiana. In the early 20th Century, Pittsburgh’s U.S. Steel Corporation began searching for a spot to build its new steel mill near Chicago. It found one on the southern shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana. The new mill employed thousands and helped the young city of Gary grow big and strong. But when those plentiful steel jobs began to dry up, both cities fell on hard times.  Continue reading “Reinventing Pittsburgh Part 5: Answers for Gary?”

Reinventing Pittsburgh: Coming Next Week

Next week, Changing Gears kicks off its first week-long series with a look at Reinventing Pittsburgh.

All across the Great Lakes, cities are searching for ways to reinvent themselves. But how can they shift from a dependence on industry to the new economy? What’s the best path for Detroit and Gary, Indiana to take? The answer may lay just to the east in Pittsburgh. EGatz_F10_0032 Continue reading “Reinventing Pittsburgh: Coming Next Week”

Welcome to Our Changing Gears Live Chat

Welcome to the first live chat from Changing Gears, a new public media project that looks at the future of the Midwest. We kicked off on the air this week, with reports on The Film Factory, Sandusky, Ohio, Reversal of Fortune and Brownfields. But this is a two-way conversation. And now we want to hear from your ideas.

We’re discussing Big vs. Small — What’s the Future of Our Great Lakes Cities? Vince Duffy, the news director at Michigan Radio, is your moderator. Listen along to our call-in show at 3 pm ET/2 pm CT on WBEZ, Michigan Radio and ideastream, and post your thoughts below. Rules: keep it clean, keep it thoughtful.

Micheline Maynard to Lead Upper Midwest Journalism Center Project

Michigan Radio, WBEZ FM-Chicago and Cleveland’s ideastream (90.3 WCPN and WVIZ/PBS) are pleased to announce that journalist, author and scholar Micheline Maynard, currently of The New York Times, has been named Editor for the “Changing Gears: Remaking the Manufacturing Belt” Upper Midwest Local Journalism Center (LJC).

The Center is a new editorial collaboration funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to report on a major developing story–the transformation of the Upper Midwest’s industrial-based economy to a post-manufacturing one. This transition is a turning point in the American economy with economic, social, environmental and cultural implications.

Maynard, a Michigan native, will be based in Chicago and lead a team of three reporters and a new media producer in the production of long form radio feature reports, special programs for radio and television, and web content. The project will also seek to engage the citizens of the region in an exploration of the region’s past and future.

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