Was Taking The Chrysler Buyout a Mistake?

Did auto workers who took buyouts make the wrong choice? Are those who stayed on the job better off? That’s a question some may be pondering, now that the auto industry is beginning to climb back.

On Monday, Kate Davidson of Changing Gears looked at the topic for NPR’s Morning Edition. Her story featured a former Chrysler worker, Joseph Arducan, who Changing Gears is following over the next year as he tries to figure out his next steps. Joseph Arducan

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Retraining: From Chrysler To The Classroom

Joseph Arducan at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Photo by Kate Davidson.

Joseph Arducan is one of the oldest kids in his class.  At 43, he’s a senior at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  The veteran auto worker is one of the region’s many displaced workers who’ve decided to go back to school.  Ann Arbor reporter Kate Davidson is following Arducan on his new road from Chrysler to the classroom, and beyond.[display_podcast] Continue reading “Retraining: From Chrysler To The Classroom”