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Midwest Memo: Illinois’ ‘Basket Case,’ Right To Work Challenge And A Shortage Of Asparagus Workers

Pension problems Bloomberg News reports that Illinois’ pension system is a “basket case.” The state’s teacher pension system is only 47 percent funded, the lowest number of any similar system in the country. Right to sue The Associated Press looks into a court challenge against Indiana’s Right to Work law, passed earlier this year. Among … Continue reading

Exaggerated Right To Work Claim Gives Fuel To The Law’s Opponents In Indiana – And Elswhere

Welp, looks like Mitch Daniels stepped in it. The Indiana governor held a press conference on Monday to reflect on accomplishments made in the latest legislative session. He talked about getting approval for full-day kindergarten, a smoking ban and a new agreement to have Amazon collect Indiana sales tax. He also talked about Right to … Continue reading

Michigan Lawmakers Take Aim At Teachers’ Union Dues

Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, says a Right to Work law is not a priority for his administration, and a number of Midwest governors agree. But the Michigan legislature has taken aim at a tenet of collective bargaining for the state’s teachers.  On Wednesday, the Republican controlled legislature sent Snyder a bill that that prohibits public schools … Continue reading

Midwest Memo: Fighting Right To Work, The New Value Of The “Old Economy”

Right to Fight Reuters reports that Indiana union members are expected to be in court today to try to overturn the state’s new Right to Work law. $50 million That’s what the federal government expects to spend this year fighting invasive Asian Carp. Ohio power State regulators in Ohio have overturned electricity price increases they … Continue reading

Michigan’s Primary Race Tightens As Romney Talks Right To Work

A new poll by NBC News shows Mitt Romney taking a narrow lead over Rick Santorum in the race to win Michigan’s Republican primary next Tuesday. The NBC poll, out Wednesday, showed 37 percent of likely voters support the former Massachusetts governor, while 35 percent support the former Pennsylvania senator. To statisticians, that’s within the … Continue reading

Midwest Memo: Breaking Down The Foreclosure Settlement Numbers, Right To Work In Ohio And A Surplus In Michigan

Follow the money Yesterday, the federal government announced a $25 billion settlement with mortgage companies who are accused of improperly handling foreclosures during the housing crisis. $1 billion of that amount will go to Illinois. $790 million will go to Michigan. $335 million will go to Ohio. $145 million will go to Indiana. And $140 … Continue reading