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Midwest Memo: Still No Deal In Detroit, Indiana’s Welfare Woes And Ohio Gas Stats

Still no deal Partner station Michigan Radio reports the Detroit City Council decided not to vote last night on a proposed consent agreement with the state to resolve the city’s financial crisis. A judge has blocked any agreement from going forward. Michigan governor Rick Snyder is appealing that decision. If no deal is reached by … Continue reading

Midwest Memo: Powering Up Wind Projects On The Lakes, Chicago’s Debt And Detroit In Disagreement

Windmills on the Lakes? The AP reports the federal government will announce a new plan today to speed up development of offshore wind farms on the Great Lakes. The government has signed agreements with five of the eight Great Lakes states to clear up the regulatory requirements for wind power projects in the Lakes. Proposed … Continue reading

Watch Live: Governor Snyder To Take Questions From Detroiters At 11 a.m.

Watch live streaming video from snyderlive at On Monday, the state appointed financial review team for Detroit held its final meeting, and members got an earful from Detroiters who are worried that their city could face a takeover. Today, governor Rick Snyder is speaking in the city, and he’s expected to take questions. The … Continue reading

Have We Reached The Final Countdown For Detroit?

We told you yesterday would probably be a historic day for the city of Detroit. Well, not so much. The state-appointed financial review team for the city did hold a meeting, as expected. It was a pretty raucous meeting, as our partner station Michigan Radio reported. The reviewteam was required by law to make a … Continue reading

Midwest Memo: No News In Detroit, Michigan’s $1 Billion Year And Transit Worries In Chicago

Nothing yet There’s still no consent agreement between the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. The team that’s been reviewing the city’s finances re-affirmed yesterday that they believe the city is in severe financial stress. But they did not recommend that the governor should appoint an emergency manager. Partner station Michigan Radio says … Continue reading

Midwest Memo: Detroit Deadline, GOP Primary Goes To Wisconsin and Baby Boomers In Ohio

Decision day A state-appointed review team that’s been looking into Detroit’s finances will have to make a recommendation today. The Detroit News reports officials were working over the weekend to try to reach a deal that would avoid placing an emergency manager in the city. Not the biggest race in town Wisconsin is the next … Continue reading

A Website That Lets You Comment On Detroit’s Proposed Consent Agreement, Paragraph-By-Paragraph

Over the past week, “consent agreement” became the two most important words in the city of Detroit. Michigan governor Rick Snyder offered a proposed “consent agreement” as a way to avoid appointing an emergency manager for the city.  We did our best to explain the proposal last week, and our partners at Michigan Radio have … Continue reading