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What Does The New Agreement On Offshore Wind In The Great Lakes Mean? Not Much, Yet.

This morning, the White House Council on Environmental Quality announced that it’s reached an agreement that will speed up the permitting process for offshore wind energy in the Great Lakes. The agreement comes in the form of a memorandum of understanding with five of the eight states that border the Great Lakes. On a conference … Continue reading

Michigan Lawmakers Take Aim At Teachers’ Union Dues

Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, says a Right to Work law is not a priority for his administration, and a number of Midwest governors agree. But the Michigan legislature has taken aim at a tenet of collective bargaining for the state’s teachers.  On Wednesday, the Republican controlled legislature sent Snyder a bill that that prohibits public schools … Continue reading

A Year After The Uproar, Labor Protests Continue in Wisconsin

The nation was riveted on Madison, Wisconsin last year when tens of thousands of people protested Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to dismantle most union rights for state and local workers. Walker was successful. Now, a year later, how have those changes made life different in Wisconsin? Changing Gears has been taking a look at the … Continue reading

Starting Tomorrow: STATES, A Series on Life After New Governors

It’s been a year since new Republican governors were elected in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. We all know the headlines. Wisconsin and Ohio were wracked with union protests over efforts to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Michigan enacted a strict new law giving enormous powers to emergency managers, including the one that … Continue reading