Chicago Caught In a “Brutal” Reordering Of Global Cities

We’ve heard a lot in the past few weeks about Chicago and its place among global cities. On Thursday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel set forth his proposal for a “new Chicago” that involves a wide variety of infrastructure improvements, private funding and more debt.

Photo by Simonds via flickr

All that is supposed to put the city back among the list of the world’s best cities. But there are suggestions that Chicago actually needn’t bother.

Urbanist Richard Florida looks at why some cities lose and others win in a sweeping piece today on The Atlantic Cities. He notes that the world’s biggest cities have been dramatically reordered since 1950, when Chicago was the second biggest in the U.S. and eighth largest in the world.

Now, Chicago ranks third largest among American cities and 25th in the world. Florida suggests it probably doesn’t stand a chance to become more important, because it’s now part of the world’s tier of second and third-level cities.  Continue reading “Chicago Caught In a “Brutal” Reordering Of Global Cities”

Why Midwest Cities Love Outdoor Hockey Games

CLEVELAND — On Sunday afternoon, I was one of the 25,864 people shivering in 27 degree temperatures at Progressive Field, watching the Frozen Diamond, a face off between the Michigan and Ohio State hockey teams.

U-Mich faced OSU in the Frozen Diamond/photo by Micki Maynard

The Wolverines won, 4-1 — perhaps not the outcome that Buckeyes fans hoped for, but the event made Cleveland Indians president Mark Shapiro happy. “Pretty cool, out there, isn’t it?” Shapiro told reporters before the game.

And no wonder: the Indians have turned what is normally an empty baseball park into a center for winter activities in Cleveland. The Frozen Diamond was the centerpiece of Snow Days, where patrons can skate, go tubing down an artificial outfield slope, and take part in other activities.

Cleveland was the latest Midwest city to use its stadium for an outdoor hockey match. And, it’s likely that more games are in our region’s future. Continue reading “Why Midwest Cities Love Outdoor Hockey Games”