The Auto Bailout Gets The Spotlight As Republicans, Democrats Spar

About midway through Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate in Mesa, Arizona, moderator John King of CNN turned to a topic that’s front and center in the Michigan primary: the auto bailout.

It momentarily turned into a free for all between Michigan’s native son, Mitt Romney, and Pennsylvania’s former U.S. senator, Rick Santorum, over what kind of help the federal government should have given the auto companies. You can read and see CNN’s coverage here.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama’s campaign jumped into the fray with a new television ad that began airing in Michigan, which holds its primary next Tuesday.

The ad, called Made in America, contends Republicans turned their back on the industry in 2008 and 2009, when the automakers went to Washington for federal assistance. Continue reading “The Auto Bailout Gets The Spotlight As Republicans, Democrats Spar”

Why Apple Products Aren’t Made In America: A View From The Midwest

Image of an Apple logo from flickr user The D34n

Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a must-read story on why Apple products are not made in the U.S.

And, earlier this month, This American Life devoted an hour to a stunning look at work conditions inside Apple’s supplier factories in China.

Not long after TAL’s story ran, Apple released its annual progress report on suppliers in China. For the first time ever, the company¬†issued a list of its suppliers and said it would allow an independent third party to audit its operations.

But there’s one claim in all this reporting that has particular relevance for the Midwest economy.

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Football Rules The Changing Gears Region

What led to one-way play

It’s almost Thanksgiving weekend, and football fans in our region are salivating. There’s a full lineup of pro and college football, with high stakes for three Big Ten teams.

For the 71st year in a row, the Detroit Lions are playing on Thanksgiving Day. This year, their opponent will be the New England Patriots. The sold-out game will be a homecoming of sorts for the Pats’ most famous player, quarterback Tom Brady, who led the Michigan Wolverines during his college years. Continue reading “Football Rules The Changing Gears Region”