WI Public Employee Issue Expands Nationwide

Updated Wednesday afternoon

Spurred by Wisconsin, protests for — and against — public employee unions are expanding nationwide, and are even having an international impact.

On Saturday, the activist group MoveOn.Org is pushing to hold rallies in every state capital. The group, which says it has 5 million supporters, announced the plan in an email to its members Tuesday. Continue reading “WI Public Employee Issue Expands Nationwide”

A sea of red across the Great Lakes

This week’s election brought a new sheen of red to the Great Lakes states: with the Republican party seizing control of governorship and state houses across the region. In many cases, it was the first time the GOP has taken control since 2003. Here’s what this political reinvention could mean for the region.

CHICAGO – The economy was a familiar theme on Election Night, invoked by every new Republican governor in the region: Ohio’s John Kasich; Michigan’s Rick Synder and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker.

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