Sandusky: A City on a Roller-coaster


Most people when they hear of Sandusky think Cedar Point: the amusement park that has been bringing millions of people to Northern Ohio for 140 years. Despite its tourism, the city is on a roller coaster of its own. As Changing Gears kicks off this week, we also start a series about Sandusky, a place we’ll follow as it wrestles with the problems affecting the whole region.

Photos: Adee Braun

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Changing Gears: Our Opening Lineup

Changing Gears goes on the air and on the Web Monday with a full week of reports on reinventing the Industrial Midwest.

Here’s the lineup: IMG_0049

MONDAY: Reporters Dan Bobkoff, Niala Boodhoo and Kate Davidson present The Film Factory, a look at the race across the Midwest to land movie deals. You’ll hear Mayor Daley, Clint Eastwood and the family that got a visit from Wes Craven.

On the Web, we have a list of movies that star the Midwest.

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