Midwest Memo: High Tech High Schools, Jet Jobs And Right To Work In Court

New high (tech) schools Five giants of the tech world are teaming up to open six new high schools in Chicago. Students at the high schools will stay for six years, and leave with an associates degree in a high tech field.

Jet jobs Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says the state could lose 600 jobs if the Air Force moves its A-10 fighter planes away from the Selfridge Air National Guard base.

Signature move Opponents of Michigan’s emergency manager law say they have enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot, and let voters decide whether the law should stand. Partner station Michigan Radio reports the signatures will be turned in today for certification.

Mine on the mind Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is hitting the road to help promote a controversial mining bill. The bill would open up a new mine in northern Wisconsin. The bill passed the state Assembly, but it now appears to be headed for a close vote in the Senate.

Right to Work in court Opponents of Indiana’s new Right to Work law will get their day in court. Attempts to overturn Right to Work have failed in other states. But activists say Indiana’s law was passed in a hastily, and it contains provisions not found in other Right to Work laws. Both sides will make their case at a preliminary hearing on Monday.

Drilling down into the numbers A new study says shale gas and oil will add $5 billion to Ohio’s economy over the next two years. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the study was commissioned by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the Ohio Shale coalition. The study predicts the boom in shale drilling will happen about 10 times faster than previous studies predicted.

Midwest Memo: SOS, Metro Rankings and an Economic Paradox

Slowing down in the second year? Michigan Governor Rick Snyder delivers his State of the State address tonight. Rick Pluta of the Michigan Public Radio Network reports the governor’s speech won’t have as many new initiatives as the last one. Snyder’s first year in office was busy. As the Detroit Free Press put it: “He came, He saw, He got what he wanted.”

Ranking cities The Chicago Tribune has a write-up of a new study that tracks economic growth in cities worldwide. The report, from the Brookings Institution, ranks Chicago 139th out of 200 global cities that were studied. What the Tribune doesn’t mention is that Chicago was ranked lower than a number of other Midwestern cities. The Detroit Free Press takes a look at Detroit’s jump in the rankings from 192nd a few years ago, to 72nd today. But the highest ranking in the Midwest goes to Milwaukee, at 56th. And Indianapolis had the lowest ranking of all Midwest cities, at 183rd. But, really, it’s not great news for anyone in the U.S. The study’s authors say 90 percent of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the world were outside of North America and Western Europe.

Huzzawha? The Illinois Statehouse News reports on an economic paradox. Taxes have increased in the state, but so has the number of businesses and the number of jobs. But, the unemployment rate is also climbing. If that sounds confusing to you, you’re not the only one.