Still Working: Tom Malvetis of the Unicorn Tavern

Still WorkingThe number of older Americans working full time has been rising steadily for years.  Many work because they have to.  Some work because they want to and they feel they have something to offer that would otherwise disappear.  In an occasional series called “Still Working,” Changing Gears is profiling workers still on the job in their 80s and 90s.  We found one of them behind the bar in Lansing, Michigan.

Tom Malvetis, owner Unicorn Tavern. Photo by Kyle Leppek

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Coming Up This Week From Changing Gears

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Still Working: Kate Davidson begins an occasional series called Still Working. Many Americans work beyond retirement, some because they have to, some because they feel they have a contribution to make. But a number of people are working in their 80s and beyond. Davidson talks to Tom Malvetis, 88, the owner of the Unicorn Tavern in Lansing, Mich. Once it was a bar for auto workers, now it has a new clientele, all watched over by Malvetis.

A Tale of Two Cities On Friday, the merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines is set to become official. Two cities in the region are watching the deal: Chicago, which becomes the big airline’s corporate headquarters, and Cleveland, long a Continental hub. Reporters Niala Boodhoo in Chicago and Dan Bobkoff in Cleveland look at the implications for both places.

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