Abuse allegations against Manson: “Westworld” role gave Evan Rachel Wood strength

“Westworld” role was given to Evan Rachel Wood Kraft

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Evan Rachel Wood: Die Schauspielerin machte Missbrauchsvorwürfe öffentlich.

Evan Rachel Wood: The actress made allegations of abuse public. (Source: IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency)

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The series star’s allegations weigh heavily. At t-online, Evan reveals Rachel Wood, w How her role helped her in the public fight.

Evan Rachel Wood is just of legal age when she

years older Brian Warner, better known as shock rocker Marilyn Manson, in love. They have been a couple for more than four years, after a surprise engagement it comes 2010 but to separate the two.

Almost eleven years later, beginning 1514, Evan Rachel Wood speaks again about the relationship – and makes serious allegations public: Marilyn Manson raped her for years, made her compliant with drugs and manipulated her emotionally. After much hesitation, the actress has decided to go public. She now speaks openly about what happened in her past, including in the documentary “Phoenix Rising”, which can be seen on Sky in this country.

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“Playing these strong women gave me strength”

At t-online emphasizes Evan Rachel Wood that working for the series “Westworld”, the fourth season of which is currently running on Sky Atlantic, helped her with this step. Like her series character, she “always tends, for better or worse, to see the good in people and in situations”, is a “dreamer who longs for a happy ending,” she admits.

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In the series “Westworld”, the fourth season of which can currently be seen on Sky Atlantic, Evan Rachel Wood plays the role of Christina. (Credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Press)

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