Adjusting the car seat correctly: This is how it works

  • For this, the backrest should be almost vertical to the seat, usually it is a 110-degree angle to the seat.
  • The legs are still slightly bent when the clutch pedal is fully depressed, that You should be able to fully depress the brake pedal with your right leg stretched out.
  • For the optimal distance to the steering wheel, the Wrists can rest on top of the steering wheel with arms outstretched without the shoulder blades losing contact with the backrest. In many cars, the position of the steering wheel can be adjusted for this purpose. It is important that you can grip the entire steering wheel and have a good view of the most important displays such as the speedometer and warning lights.
  • If you are sitting too far away from the steering wheel, i.e. almost in lying position, then the back can lose contact with the backrest and the distance to the headrest becomes too great. This increases the risk of injury.
  • The headrest itself should be fixed about two fingers below the height of the crown, the The maximum distance between the back of the head and the headrest is four centimetres.
  • Seat height: The car seat should always be set as high as possible will. Because the lower you squat in the car, the faster the leg-back angle becomes unfavorable. The thighs should lie loosely.
  • Some car seats have additional adjustment options: The seat should be pulled out two to three centimeters behind the hollow of the knee, to avoid pressure on the back of the knees. It is also important that the side bolsters are close to the body.

A correct sitting position with an upright sitting posture and feet in the footwell is also extremely important for the passenger. “By lying down, lounging or putting your feet up, the protection provided by the seat belt and airbag is largely lost in an accident,” says Dekra biomechanics expert Andreas Schäuble.

If the backrest is adjusted too flat, this can lead to so-called “submarining”: the passenger slips under the seat belt because the belt no longer has a restraining effect. “In an emergency, this is life-threatening for the passenger,” says Schäuble.

Putting your feet up on the dashboard is also risky : When the airbag is deployed, the raised legs could be thrown against the head and upper body of the front passenger. “The lap belt can penetrate deep into the abdomen and injure the internal organs,” says Schäuble. This could lead to fractures in the pelvis and hip area.Passenger: The correct seating position also counts here

That’s what makes a good car seat

The experts from the TÜV advise you to pay particular attention to the adjustability and fitting accuracy of the driver’s seat when buying a car. This way you can quickly determine whether the adjustable elements can be adapted to your own stature.

A back-friendly car seat stands out Among other things, it is characterized by a long seat – because it supports the legs. “The shorter the seat, the greater the pressure on the ischial bones,” explains Georg Stringel from the Campaign for Healthy Backs (AGR). This inevitably leads to tension and, as a result, to a crooked sitting position and pain.

In addition, the seat must Also support your body with good lateral guidance, preferably with pronounced cheeks on the seat and backrest. In general, you should make sure that the padding is not too soft.

Lumbar support for a comfortable seat

According to the AGR, the most important quality feature of a car seat is a 4-way lumbar support. “It supports the natural shape of the back and can be adjusted up and down as well as in the outward curve,” explains Stringel. This supports the natural back shape in the seat. “Seen from the side, you should be able to see a slight S-shape.”

For cars without lumbar support, there are retrofit solutions in the aftermarket in the form of cushions or special frames.

Back problems: special seat can help

Anyone who suffers from back pain permanently while driving, for often the only option is an ergonomic special seat. Such models are available in car accessory shops from around 1.000 Euro.

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