After the chainsaw posse: Jens Lehmann faces a driving ban of several months

Jens Lehmann probably about 60 km/h driven too fast – driving ban threatened

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Jens Lehmann (archive picture): The Starnberger by choice is said to be a Porsche aficionado. (Source: H. Langer via

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Again bad news for Jens Lehmann: According to a report, the ex-national goalkeeper raced with the car – he is now threatened with severe consequences.

The former Soccer professional is said to have driven his car too fast in town at night this year, according to “Bild”. The result: driving ban for three months. Lehmann is said to have lodged an objection to this.

Munich: Lehmann was presumably more than 60 km/h traveling too fast813809

Where exactly the speedometer needle of the 30-time national player is not yet publicly known. But the law is clear. The “Bild” quotes a specialist lawyer for traffic law in Munich: “A three-month driving ban will be imposed if, for example, the maximum speed in an urban area has increased by at least 61 km/h is exceeded.” If Lehmann has already received a driving ban in the past two years, he would also lose the rag for up to three months in this case as a repeat offender.

What comes out in the process remains open. According to information from “Bild”, the scheduled court date had to be canceled because one of the process participants was unable to attend. It is still unclear whether this is Jens Lehmann.

The ex-DFB star recently made headlines because he is said to have tampered with his neighbor’s garage. He is said to have damaged the building with a chainsaw because it is said to have blocked his view of Lake Starnberg. The affected 91-year-old neighbor and architect is now afraid of the famous resident and fled to an apartment in Munich.

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