Car: No stopping etc. – Drivers should know these five mistakes

2. The recommended speed on motorways has no meaning

Wrong! The recommended speed on German autobahns is 130 km/h. If you drive faster on approved sections, you may not be flashed – there can still be problems. Lawyers say that whoever drives more than 130 km/h increases the risk inherent in the car in a way that is relevant to liability.

In plain English, this means: If an accident occurs, the speeding driver is very likely to be jointly liable. Even those who are not at fault can be awarded partial liability. After all, the driver did not behave like an ideal driver – who orients himself to the recommended speed.

Something else applies if it is proven that the accident also happened at a speed of 130 km/h or less would have happened.

3. After an accident you are not allowed to move the cars

Wrong! It is ideal for the police to collect evidence if the cars remain stationary after the collision. However, this could endanger and impede the flow of traffic. Therefore, those involved should clear the street if possible. It is best to take photos of the accident situation beforehand.

4. If someone blocks my private parking space, can I park him

Wrong! Parking is necessary. In such cases, call the police. She will try to locate the owner. If you hire a towing company on your own, you have to pay for it. The costs can later be reclaimed from the owner of the car. Whether this is successful depends on many aspects in each individual case. In short: This radical step is not recommended at all.

5. If you drive through to the front when the lane narrows, you are a pusher

Wrong! To keep traffic flowing smoothly, the zip system applies to lanes that end or are unusable due to obstructions. You thread your way alternately into the next track. If you get in the lane too early, you don’t make the best possible use of the road and are more likely to cause or prolong a traffic jam. So get in line just before the end of the lane: This way you don’t cheat your way through, but do everything right.

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