Car – recognize and avoid dangers: so many traffic accidents are fictitious

An almost impossible accident, an uncontrolled driver, dubious witnesses – this is often the work of scammers. How to recognize and avoid such situations.

One in seven accidents is a case of fraud, experts say . In many cases whole gangs are at work. They provoke the accident and then cheat the insurance company: the costs of the supposed repairs are reimbursed – but the damage is not repaired or only partially repaired. A lot of stress and trouble arises for the innocent people involved.

Fictitious accidents often follow the same pattern

    Accident scammers have different scams that they use over and over again. Some examples:

  • You hide in the blind spot of your car . When you want to overtake, they appear out of nowhere and provoke a collision.
  • They use a confusing right-before-left intersection or a complicated road layout.
  • You suddenly brake at a traffic light that is still yellow , without reason and without any signs, sharply, so that those following behind have no opportunity to stop.
  • They suddenly dash out of a right-of-way street and into another car – without them being recognizable in any way.
  • An On the freeway, they brake hard on the acceleration lane while the driver of the following car looks in the rear-view mirror.

The scammers are particularly fond of bad weather and darkness. They choose either remote or very central locations.

What are the signs?

The fraudsters behave stubbornly and inflexibly in traffic. They maintain their driving behavior consistently, even if the situation should call for something else.

Expensive cars are often used. Because then there are higher damage sums from the insurance company. Older cars are also often used, which have already been involved in many such accidents and have only been repaired in a makeshift manner afterwards. In general, the cars are mostly in bad condition.

How can you prevent fictitious accidents?

Difficult. However, if you have any suspicions, you should abort the planned maneuver, for example refrain from overtaking. Be willing to give in and let others take precedence. And move away from the suspect car.

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