Driver's license withdrawal: These offenses threaten a driving ban

Convert a driving ban into a fine: Is that possible?

A driving ban can be converted into a fine – but only in a court hearing in which you would have to work with an experienced traffic lawyer to convince the judge to impose a higher fine instead of a driving ban.

When imminent driving ban?

  • There is a driving ban in built-up areas if you drive at least 31 km/h too fast, outside of built-up areas from 41 km/h too much. For repeat offenders the limit is 26 km/h too much.
  • Even drinking and driving leads to a driving ban again and again: A blood alcohol level between 0.5 and 1,09 Alcohol temporarily makes you a pedestrian. From a value of 1.1 per mille you are considered unfit to drive. The result is the driver’s license withdrawal.

Even if If you are driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.3 and show signs of being unfit to drive, your driving license may be revoked. The same goes for drunk cyclists.

    Running a red light is considered a classified as a serious traffic offense (red light violation). Because this puts other road users in danger.

    Disregarding an overtaking ban can also lead to a driving ban. However, if you hit and run or endanger others while driving while drunk, your license will be revoked.

This means a driver’s license suspension

Revocation of your driving license (driving license withdrawal) is much harder than a temporary driving ban: You then have to hand in your driving license document and your driving license expires; the document itself is destroyed. You may then no longer drive a motor vehicle that requires a driver’s license.

In addition, an individual blocking period will be imposed. Their duration is at least six months and at most five years. You can only reapply for a driver’s license after this period has expired. There can be a few hurdles – for example a medical-psychological examination (MPU), an eye test or a first-aid course.

Withdrawal of driving license due to points in Flensburg

Of course, many a misstep does not immediately lead to a driving ban or loss of driving license – in all Usually there is a fine or points in Flensburg.

But that also has consequences at some point: If you score eight points, your driving license will be revoked. If you want to drive again after a ban of at least six months, you first have to pass the MPU and then apply for a driver’s license to be reinstated.

Points in Flensburg expire over time. However, the statute of limitations depends on the violation that earned you the points.


If you If you have accumulated a maximum of five points, you can take part in advanced seminars or traffic psychology advice and thereby reduce points.

Appeal against suspension of driving license

If an authority orders the driver’s license to be revoked, you can appeal and object to the decision. You have two weeks to do this once you have received the notification. You can find templates on the Internet that you can use as a template for your written objection. In the event of a court order, no written objection will help, only legal action.

Lifelong driver’s license suspension

In extreme cases, your driving license can even be revoked for life. This happens rarely and mostly as a result of crime. Examples of this are:

    Driving license suspension periods are ignored;

    the driver is a notorious criminal (speeder or pusher);

  • repeated drunk driving;
  • the car is used for criminal offenses such as robberies;

  • the driver reacts aggressively to other road users.

26Revocation of driving licence: Shorten the blocking period

After a driver’s license has been revoked, the blocking period mentioned above begins: You cannot apply for a new driver’s license during this period. Under certain circumstances, this blocking period can be shortened. A traffic lawyer can help with this.

A court will decide at your request whether the suspension will be shortened. In order to increase your chances, you can take part in suitable training measures.

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