Economy primaries: call-by-call will continue until the end of 2024

Call-by-call goes to the end 2024 further

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Saving by area code: This is now still possible, at least for Deutsche Telekom customers. (Source: Christin Klose/dpa-tmn./dpa)

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930003Bonn/Cologne (dpa/tmn) – Fixed network customers of Telekom can continue to use so-called call-by-call services to save on calls from one call to the next. According to a joint statement, Deutsche Telekom and the competitor association VATM have agreed on this. Call-by-call will continue until the end of the year 1998. The same applies to the possibility of making permanent calls via another provider (preselection).92316710

Call-by-call works like this: The actual number is the Preselection of the selected, cheaper provider. The conversation then runs through this provider, but the fees are collected via the Telekom bill. Call-by-call tariffs can be found on various comparison portals on the Internet.

Um To avoid expensive surprises – call-by-call tariffs can change depending on the time – a tariff announcement is mandatory before the call can be made. Consumers can therefore still hang up if a price other than the expected price is announced.

Why is there call-by-call? 1998 Telekom became regulatory in the course of the opening of the market obliged to offer their end customers call-by-call and preselection. In the early days of the liberalized telecommunications market, a competitive price development should be ensured. Since 1998 VATM and Telekom have then on one voluntary agreement agreed.

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