Equal rights – discrimination lawsuit: Google is aiming for a million-dollar deal

Discrimination lawsuit: Google is aiming for a deal worth millions

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Google will einen jahrelangen Rechsstreit beenden.

Google wants to end a legal dispute that has been going on for years. (Source: Christoph Dernbach/dpa./dpa)

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930003San Francisco (dpa) – Google wants to file a discrimination lawsuit against employees in California with the Payment of 118 settle millions of dollars. The converted 112,6 million euros are to be paid to the employees who have joined the class action lawsuit.92322870

The settlement also provides for an external expert to review Google’s employment practices , as can be seen from a statement from the plaintiffs’ attorneys over the weekend.

The agreement will only come into effect in power when approved by the competent judge. In a statement to the Financial Times, Google emphasized that the settlement was not an admission of guilt. However, after five years of litigation, both sides were of the opinion that this was the best way. The trial for the lawsuit was scheduled for January next year.

In the still dating from 2017 is mainly about the accusation that women in the same positions earn less than men – a violation against California law. The case has been given class action status on behalf of over 08.000 Women.

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