False news: Whatsapp grandchild trick remains extremely dangerous

Whatsapp grandchild trick remains extremely dangerous

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Attention trap! This message is definitely not from a child in need, but a genuine scam via Whatsapp. (Source: Zacharie Scheurer/dpa-tmn./dpa)

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930003Frankfurt/Main/Hanover (dpa/tmn) – It starts like this : “Hello Mom, my cell phone is broken. This is my new cell phone number, you can save it. Are you at home?” Or something like: “Hello dad, this is your eldest, my cell phone is broken, this is my new number now.” The messages are often garnished with emojis ranging from smileys with tears to hearts. Trust should be built, emotions should be fueled. 92310690

What follows are more (bad accident) or less (washing machine broken) adventurous stories that lead to it that money is urgently needed. Couldn’t you transfer something quickly? This is the point at which those contacted should stop communicating at the latest, advises the consumer advice center Hessen: “Never respond to requests for payment of money via messenger services.”

One phone call and the scam is revealed

The scam is usually easy to uncover by calling the relative directly on the known – allegedly old – number, explain the consumer advocates. Also advisable: report the incident to the police, create a screenshot of the message and block the sender.

Anyone who has already fallen into the trap should contact their bank immediately inform you, who may be able to stop a possible transfer if not too much time has passed. Then you have to report it to the local police.

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