Hair loss: Men shouldn't do that

Fake hair: toupees and wigs

Toupees and wigs are anything but sexy. Most men try to cover their half-bald head with a hairpiece. This is frizzed, curled and colored. But who wants to touch something artificial when you’re stroking your loved one’s head. So our advice is: Stay away from artificial hairpieces!

Conceal with the “streak of embarrassment”

This method is also very popular: Half-bald men let a more or less thick strand of their back or side hair grow long and then comb it neatly over the bald patch. This “streak of embarrassment” is not only unsightly, but also looks unkempt and ridiculous.

Even worse is the ponytail. Especially if it only consists of the remaining hair at the back of the head because the upper hair has already fallen out.

Growth lotions and tablets

Should men be taking pills hoping to revitalize their dwindling scalp hair? In the case of hereditary or genetic hair loss, therapy with medication can help to preserve the scalp hair. However, it must be started at an early stage of hair loss. Taking pills for life is not an attractive prospect either.

In another form of hair loss, the hair all over the head becomes evenly thinner. No growth water or pills will help here either. The means against the so-called diffuse hair loss make it easier on the wallet at most. We recommend a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruit and legumes. Physical exertion and stress can also promote hair loss and should be avoided.

Beard hair against head hair

The causes of hair loss have not yet been fully clarified. What is curious is that the beard hair obviously reacts in the opposite way to the hair on his head. While one falls out, the other sprout all the more.

The medical explanation for this is that male hair develops an oversensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with increasing age and is thereby cleared. But the same hormone stimulates beard growth all the more.

“Topless” can be sexy

Our conclusion is: Men should not start any experiments or cover-up maneuvers when it comes to hair loss. A short haircut is more popular with women. If in doubt, you can also try it completely “topless”. A sexy bald head is also well received by many women.

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