Hanover: Drunk builds an accident at a gas station – and buys beer

Drunk person doesn’t notice the accident – and buy more beer



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Drink driving (symbol image): A driver said after an accident, having to fill up again: alcohol. (Source: Eskymaks/dpa)

Pinterest LogoTwitter LogoPinterest LogoPinterest LogoAlkohol am Steuer (Symbolbild): Ein Autofahrer meinte nach einem Unfall nochmal tanken zu müssen: Alkohol.

Alkohol am Steuer (Symbolbild): Ein Autofahrer meinte nach einem Unfall nochmal tanken zu müssen: Alkohol.

A very drunk man damaged a car but didn’t notice the accident himself. Instead of dealing with the damage, he bought more beer.

After a traffic accident on the premises of a gas station near Hanover, a 59-year-old continued to fill up directly – but not his vehicle. First, on Sunday morning, a man with his vehicle rammed the car parked at a petrol pump in Lehrte 51-year-olds. Immediately afterwards, the drunk driver went inside the gas station to stock up on several cans of beer, police said on Monday.

“The vehicle of the injured party was pushed further by the impact of a petrol pump, had considerable damage to the rear and was no longer roadworthy,” said a police spokesman. The polluter’s vehicle also had numerous damages on the front. After leaving the gas station be the 51-year-old drove away.

Accident at Hanover: Over 3,53 per thousand482019

Police officers were able to locate the alleged perpetrator at his home address. A preliminary breath alcohol test gave a value of 3,53 per thousand. The emergency services then ordered a blood test and took his driver’s license from him.

The property damage to both vehicles involved in the accident was assessed by the police at a total of 11. Estimated in euros. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the accident driver for endangering road traffic and unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident.

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