Ingenious protection against thieves: Aldi sells GPS trackers at low prices

The small tracker called Cobblestone contains a GPS transmitter, a battery and a SIM card. The location is determined via the transmitter and sent to the owner via the mobile network.

You can track the location live on your cell phone, depending on the setting. The highlight: There are no fees or subscriptions for using the mobile network. The included data SIM is free and works in the EU, Switzerland and Norway.

When first setting up, connect the tracker to the Copenhagen Trackers mobile app. You then determine how often the tracker should send its location. The life of the battery depends on this.

The manufacturer promises that one battery charge will last about four years with normal use. Five different tracking profiles can be set, from live tracking to transmission only every seven days. The modes can be easily changed using the app.

However, it is important that the battery cannot be replaced or recharged. It is therefore best to set the tracker so that it sends its position only rarely or after a movement.

What is even allowed? The monitoring of one’s own items is legally permissible via a GPS tracker. The location monitoring of people is unlawful without the consent of the data subject.

Is the GPS tracker worth it?

GPS trackers are the archenemies of thieves. The owner knows exactly where the suitcase, bag or bike is. This way, thieves only have a little fun with the loot. It is also positive that there are no costs or subscriptions for the SIM card. The costs of use are therefore covered by the one-off purchase price.

Note, however, that the battery life is limited. The tracker should last four years and protect you from losing valuable items. The price in the Aldi online shop is very good today compared to other retailers: the model has never been cheaper! The model is only available in white in the Aldi online shop. Amazon also sells it in black.

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